Monday, April 30, 2007

"I Love Lamp"

Jamie is a man of many talents and his latest hobby (with his trusty sidekick, Evan) has been making lamps out of old band instruments. These are the three he has made so far. Better place your order quick...!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Master's of Music!

Finally... I will be graduating this May with my Master's of Music degree from the University of Arkansas! Praise God I passed my thesis defense and can be done with college (until I'm ready to become Dr. Cornett.... ha)!

Not too much has changed in 7 years....
(This "vintage" pic is from my undergrad ceremony in 2000.)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bloggers Anonymous

Talk about serious procrastination...I am supposed to be working on my Thesis defense happening in two days, but all I can seem to do is play around with this blog! Help....! I like this photo Kim took of Jamie and I, so I added a little shading but I think it makes our eyes look spooky.

Get a Life...?!

Ok, I promise I really have more going on in my life than just my hair-do! (I am finishing the last touches on my Master's thesis project to graduate this May from the UA, taking a photography class at NWACC, wrapping up another wonderful year of the BCC, working with student teachers in my choral classroom, applying for grants for my school, starting part-time at Banana Republic and still finding time to beat Jamie at Scrabble.) But a few months ago I decided to add some bangs to my hair and now when I wear my hair straight like this my students hardly recognize me and I feel like I am in disguise! It takes way too long to straighten my hair but it's alot of fun. Just had to share the "excitement" in my life these days....!