Wednesday, September 18, 2013

shout out from here

I wish I was good at analogies. I would try to find a clever way to describe how non-stop we have been lately. I know it's been too much though because Annie has started asking me, when I pick her up from school each day, "are we going HOME?!". 

Annie only asks because she is crazy addicted to her blankies on her bed. She calls them her "wockies" and sometimes Jamie and I will walk past her room and see Annie knelt next to her bed taking a "hit" from her wockies. She buries her face in them for a minute and then goes back to playing. So creepy and cute.

See... even in this picture posing with daddy, she's got her wockies! :) 

Love these girls!

We got to have dinner with the Lea's this week. They have two little girls and their house is covered in pink like ours. :)  Audrie and Annie love playing there!

When we ARE home one of our favorite chill-out things to do is sit in the driveway, talk to neighbors, and let the girls play (bikes, scooters, dress-up, etc). Audrie came out dressed like this and I loved her mash-up of Teenage Mutant Princess...?!

I'm pretty sure taking "selfies" over the age of 30 is pretty sad, but here is mine from this weekend before we went over to the Burrow's house for a Razorback Football watching party.
On Sunday we drove down to Drasco, Arkansas for the Cornett Family Reunion. It was great to see everyone and the girls got to ride a four-wheeler (they also played in a pile of dirt and rocks for two hours, so what more do you need in life?!).

I took the girls roller skating (their first time!) tonight and it was pretty hilarious.
I didn't get any actual pictures of them skating because I was too buried in flailing arms and tears of toddler determination (Audrie is a bit of perfectionist... not sure where she gets that from... ha). But they both did great and really had fun.

This weekend we are going camping...! I'm sure we'll have some good stories. :)

Sunday, September 08, 2013

sidewalk sightword game

 Sure, about 99% of my ideas come from Pinterest, but the other day I actually came up with an idea that was all on my own. So proud of myself. ha!

Audrie has 25 sight words she has to learn each month in Kindergarten and we've been working on this latest batch for a few days. (Flash cards in the car, homework sheets, etc). But the other day I got this idea to make her a huge square grid on the driveway with chalk of her newest 25 words and make a game of it.
 First I would call out words and she had to see if she could leap from one word to the next. Uh, yeh, she loved that!
 Then she danced around and sang until I called stop and whatever words she was on she had to say that word.
 Then she had to run in order through the grid and see how many she could say before she missed one.
 She is competitive like her mommy, so she did get a little miffed when she got stumped.
 But her teacher also taught her how to do tally marks in score keeping, so Audrie had fun keeping score of all the correct words she got.
 It was a great activity for this energetic girl who loves a challenge.

I think "sidewalk sightwords" might be a new favorite around our house!