Wednesday, March 31, 2010

beach photos galore

Ok, as usual, I took way toooooo many photos on our Florida trip. So if you have a few hours to spare... enjoy! :)

Audrie actually seemed to understand that she was getting on an airplane to go play in the sand and water.

She was great going through security and waiting in the terminal. She just watched all the airplanes landing and said hi to every single person around her. She also SLEPT for the entire flight there, so that was a blessing!
We stayed near Venice Beach in a house some of my family owns. We got to spend time with my brother-in-law, Dave, and this is sadly the only photo I snapped of him (he likes to avoid cameras). But he and Audrie hit it off great!
Audrie was up early the first day and ready to tackle the beach like a true tourist...!
She was IN LOVE with the beach. Played for HOURS. It was just awesome.
The water was a little too cold for swimming but she liked getting her toes wet in the waves.

32 weeks pregnant in a bathing suit is not super fun. But at least I didn't have to worry about dieting or exercising before this vacation. :)

Audrie kicked back in her beach chair!
Really she just played non-stop for about 4 hours each day on the beach. Wore Jamie out chasing her around. But luckily there were other kids around that she played with to give us a break.

She was covered head to toe in sand every day when we left, but she was sure happy!
And so were we!
Here is me and Annie on the beach...
The three of us getting ready to go into Barnacle Bill's to eat.

The humidity really agreed with Audrie's curls while we were there!

Eating out for so many meals was a little challenging with a two year old, but she did pretty well considering!

It was fun taking Audrie on this vacation... just the three of us (for the last time).
Doesn't she almost look sweet and innocent in this photo?!

More time at the beach... (love her little swimsuit!).
I love these next two photos because I asked Jamie to pick up Audrie for a quick photo....
And this is the moment when Jamie realized Audrie had peed through her swimsuit...!!
Luckily I had a change of clothes for her in our beach bag and we were good to go. (I didn't have a clean shirt for Jamie though...!)
I LOVED the colors of the water and sky at the beach. Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, of course, and the ocean was saturated with blue/green everywhere you looked.
My toes in the sun... aahhh.
Audrie was nice enough to keep me cooled off...
The only thing I dislike about the beach is the annoying seagulls. (I have a bird phobia.)
But Audrie didn't mind and would chase after them.
One night we found a little park to take Audrie to. Which she loved.

I managed to squeeze myself into a swing.
There was a group of girls a few years older than Audrie playing nearby and Audrie totally marched right up to them and said "HI GIRLS!" like they were her BFF's. It's hard to see in this photo but she is in the middle of them. She is definitely NOT shy.
Jamie taught her how to drink from a water fountain.
And, of course, found a tennis court to play on.
I wanted to make it to the beach one night for some sunset photos but all I managed was this one at the park...
We did eat some seafood while we were there. I loved the slogan of this place... (except this would rule out everyone in our house... ha!).
Audrie kept busy tracing our hands.
Ok, so I don't know if you realized... but there are ALOT of old retired people in Florida. At one point in this restaurant I just had to stop and take a photo because we were the ONLY people without white hair...!
We ordered some fried alligator tail, which Audrie thought was pretty tasty.

She was great on the flight home, too.

Jamie explained to her how nice young ladies were supposed to behave on the plane...
But he shouldn't have worried because both his young ladies slept all the way home...
What a great trip!