Tuesday, December 30, 2008

family pics

When we were home in Green Forest last week I snapped a few quick photos for Jamie's family...

(Jamie got me a tripod for Christmas *whoo hoo!* so I was able to use the self timer to throw myself in a couple photos!)

Here ya go, Chalona...
And the whole gang...

(If you click that photo you'll see that Audrie's face really says it all...)

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I just finished reading an amazing book with an amazing message. I hope everyone gets a chance to read this and that it touches your heart like mine!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

christmas with the cornetts

I guess back in the old days, people used to force their guests to watch boring slideshows of their photos... so here is my modern version of our Christmas adventures. Way too many photos of the Cornett Christmas Vacation 2008... peruse at your own risk:

We drove back to our hometown of Green Forest to spend two days with Jamie's family.There is a renovated train depot next to his mother's house and they reserved it for their big family get-together.
Audrie must have been a good girl this year because she got lots and lots of gifts.

Tiffanie's little boy, Jess, has the biggest adorable eyes in the world! It was great to get to see everyone and let Audrie get her cheeks pinched a little, too.
She also got to show off her singing skills because all the boys played Rock Band for hours each night. They were kind enough to let Audrie slobber along.
And Jamie and I even snuck away for a date to Jim's Drive-In for the infamous Taco Pie!
After we left GF, we headed to my parent's house for some Christmas Eve traditions.
Matching pajamas, of course, for everyone!

We opened the traditional box of gifts from my Aunt- full of all kinds of crazy items. Even a tiny grass skirt that my dad put on Audrie!
And we finished the night with my mom's delicious Christmas cookies and eggnog.
Jamie, Audrie and I went home Christmas Eve to our house so we could have our own family Christmas time together. We got Audrie one of those little tyke kitchen playsets a few weeks ago and on Christmas Eve Jamie thought he would take a few minutes to put it together... more like a few hours! It came in a billion pieces that we spent a long time putting together. But it was fun.
And Audrie loves it!We got her up early Christmas morning and opened presents at our house before heading back to my parents for more presents and a Christmas brunch.
Thursday night we headed down to Searcy to spend some time with the Burrow Family! We picked Jason and Sam up in Fort Smith. Audrie is not a big fan of three hour car drives so we spent some time trying to entertain her... we sang a pretty sweet 4 part remix of The Wheels on the Bus! :)
At the Burrow's we got to relax and spend time doing whatever we wanted. (And playing alot of Nintendo Wii!)
We also spent alot of time talking and eating around their kitchen bar. The Burrow's really do feel like family to us.
Since Audrie is so active now, it's tough keeping up with her! But she did hitch a ride with Ben in his new Christmas wagon...
Before we made the big trip home we bought Audrie one last Christmas gift... a new car seat! Now she is a big girl facing forward in the car. She was excited to be able to see everything.
As truly wonderful as the week was- it was SO nice to walk in our front door and collapse. There really is no place like home!

Monday, December 22, 2008

olympic training

So fun! I took Audrie this morning to a Gymboree Class. She had such a wonderful time (and I did, too)! I was just so impressed by all the things she could do (that I never knew she could)... she slid down a slide and climbed back up it. She went up stairs and walked through tunnels and I even helped her climb a little baby rock wall! She's UH-mazing. I may have to sign her up for the Olympics tomorrow! It was just fun to see her playing so well with the other kids and listening to the teacher. I would give her an A+ for sure! :) My friend Jenny and her little boy Cole were there, so we got to play with them, too. Here are some photos from Audrie's exciting first workout at the gym...!
Waving to her new friends...
and chasing them...
Cute little red headed boy had his eye on her...
Jenny and Cole taking a rest break.

"I dunno, Mom, these stairs look pretty tough..."

It really was so much fun. I'm excited for the next class (I think they will be doing push ups and lunges next week...)!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

a holly jolly christmas party

We had a group of friends over last night for a little holiday fun! Audrie and I put on our new Christmas dresses (ok, well I've had mine for years and hers is a hand me down) but still it was a great excuse to dress up for the night.
Of course Audrie would still rather eat her shoes than wear them, but we're working on that!
I couldn't talk Jamie into wearing a Santa Claus suit to match Audrie, but he looked handsome anyways.
Our dear friend, Gloria, is in town for a few days staying with us! We're so excited she's here. We've missed her!
Our friends Shannon and Brian... too adorable as always.
Jim and Jamie... just as adorable!
But it's always Ben and his mcdreamy eyes that steal the show (or maybe it's his sweet pjs)!
We ate way too much delicious food and opened presents. Even the babies got in on the action.
Kim got me the BEST gift ever! A whole gift bag of RED. Red hat, red sunglasses, red striped socks, red wine, and even some cool red coffee that I can't wait to try. And Jim got Jamie smoked ribs. He died a little bit from happiness.
We played games until way past my bedtime.
And then Audrie closed down the night with some Christmas carols...
"Although it's been said many times, many ways, Merry Christmas to you..."