Thursday, May 28, 2009

cool waters

The other day my mom and I went shopping at the Pinnacle Mall. We stopped for a moment to let Audrie splash her toes in the fountain.

I had to hold her pretty tight because she was dying to jump in!
Jamie, Audrie and I are headed to Little Rock this weekend (Jamie is competeting in the state tennis championships) so hopefully we can cool off at the pool in between his matches. Audrie really LOVES being in water. I'll let you know how our tennis star does...!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

memorial day weekend

Jamie, Audrie and I went home to the dirt roads of Green Forest to spend Memorial Day weekend with Jamie's family. I actually forgot my camera (gasp) but did have my little back up point-and-shoot camera in my purse. Here are a few photos from our weekend with the fam...
I got to visit with my bff from high school, Dawnica. Will and Audrie had a great time playing together... after he explained to her exactly which toys she could chew on and which she couldn't. (Which she totally disregarded... poor boy!)
And of course there was quality time spent on the tennis court!
Larry and Donnie even matched up for a serious one on one game!
Audrie so desperately wanted to be the ball girl... (see her?)
But was banned to the sidelines to help cheer.
Larry did feed her way too many cheesy poofs later to help console her.
Donna pouting because I tried to say "no more sweet tea for Audrie!". We got to meet Trevor's girlfriend, Olivia, who is such a sweetheart! (And a high school tennis star... hence all the time on the tennis courts this weekend.) I think for the record I'm supposed to tell you that Jamie won.
There was tons of food of course and Brenda made a delicious strawberry pizza!
Which Kameron and I devoured!
Audrie and Jess sharing slobbers on the toys.
Poor Audrie is surrounded by boy cousins. Wish Brandon and Erin would get her a girl cousin...
Dylan, Audrie and Jess. Just want to pinch all those chubby cheeks!
What is Audrie's face doing in this photo?!
It's rare that all of Donnie's family is in one place at one time so we had to capture the moment.
It really was such a wonderful family filled weekend. We headed back home Monday evening just in time to drive in the lovely rain...
Hope each of you had relaxing four day weekend, too!

Monday, May 25, 2009

wedding season

I am so super excited about all the weddings Kim has let me help her with lately! (And wedding season has just begun so we still have more to come.) We shot a very cute wedding this weekend in Vilonia and I can't wait to share all those photos. But I realized that I never blogged about my friend Shannon's wedding way back in February that I was able to help Kim with. Here are some of my favorite photos that I took at Brian and Shannon's wedding...While Kim is off doing important shots of the bride and groom, I get to have fun running around doing a lot of small detail shots.

I also get to spend time with the groomsmen right before the wedding starts (because Kim is with the bride then). So I get to see how the groom spends the last few moments of bachelorhood...

And I do get to be there for the really special moments too. (I haven't done a wedding with Kim yet that hasn't made me shed a tear or two!)
Shannon's wedding was extra special because so many of my friends were there to help her celebrate, too!

I think for this next photo I was standing in a chair holding the camera high above my head. I really get more brave with each wedding. Maybe someday I'll actually know what I'm doing instead of accidentally getting a good photo!
I really love doing all these weddings with Kim! Getting to practice my photography with no real pressure, meeting new people, being a part of their special day and eating a lot of wedding cakes.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

update on the three amigos

Jenny, Emily and I had the wonderful experience of being pregnant at the same time...
Giving birth about the same time...
And now we're all raising one year olds...!
Hopefully we'll be able to break out these photos when these three go to prom.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

girls just wanna have fun

I think I'm still on cloud nine from our amazing girl's trip last weekend! Words can't even begin describe what a great time I had in Kansas City, but hopefully these fun photos Kim and I took will help fill in the adjectives...
Emily, Kim and I kicked off our road trip bright and early Saturday morning and made it to the The Plaza in time for a little fun shopping spree.

Goofing off in the dressing rooms...
Then we headed over to the Cheesecake Factory for some heavenly lunch and dessert.

Later that afternoon we went to The Plaza West Spa and we each got an hour and half massages that were indescribably perfect. Then we crawled to our hotel room at the Crowne Plaza and took long naps. We woke up in time to get fancied up for a night out.

For dinner we went to The Melting Pot- a gourmet fondue restaurant that was super yummy and fun!

A cupid statue I thought needed a hug.
Then we took a cab down to the Power and Light district. It's hard to describe this place, but it's like a humongous open air warehouse that is full of people, lights, music, dancing and good times... and a grand staircase.
We had a blast on the dance floor! I can't remember the last time I went dancing- so fun!
We had big dreams of sleeping in the next morning, but I think finally about 8:30 we admitted that we were all awake so we went in search of a delicious breakfast.
We found it, too! At a crazy cute hole-in-the-wall spot called Succatash. It was trendy and artsy and had the most sweet creamy fresh squeezed orange juice I've ever tasted in my life.
Fun artwork on the walls, too. ( fixing my mop head o hair)
Kim and her cute self.
Where we had breakfast was located in the city's farmer's market. But it was the biggest farmer's market I've ever seen. Tons of fruits and veggies!
Bags of homemade spices.And octopus salad...!
After we left the farmer's market we drove to the Legend's Mall and did way too much shopping.
After hours of shopping we decided it was time to head back to the real world. But the entire weekend was just wonderful and exactly what I needed. Thanks to Jamie for being super dad all weekend! And thanks to Emily and Kim for the much needed girl time!