About Us

I'm Rachel and I started this blog in October 2006 just to try something new. I was soon hooked! I love keeping this online scrapbook/journal of our lives and hope to preserve these memories for many years to come (I make a yearly book of all these posts). My husband, Jamie, and I have been married since 2001 and we have two daughters- Audrie and Annie. We stay super busy loving on these little girls.

Jamie and I have both lived in Northwest Arkansas our entire lives. In Fall of 2010 God started putting some serious signs in our lives that He was about to turn our world upside down. I applied for a teaching job in New York City. It was one of those "one a million chances" that it would ever happen and we mostly did it as a "what if". God took that what if and turned it into this new adventure that we are on. We moved to NYC in July of 2011 and placed our journey in God's hands.

Currently I am teaching sixth grade music at an inner-city school near Harlem. Jamie stays home with our two energetic little girls. We both claim we each have the hardest job!

We love drinking a lot of coffee, watching stupid tv shows, and finding fun things to do in this city. I do photography as a hobby and Jamie plays tennis as well as makes lamps! (www.etsy.com/shop/instrumentallighting). We are blessed by God and strive to live our lives to glorify Him.