Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I made something!

        Ok, I'm pretty excited about this...! A year or so ago, my friend Juli Goss taught me how to knit. I was instantly hooked (ha... no pun intended) and I started out making a few scarves. Then Jamie decided I should make him a knit hat. Um, right? That sounded intense, but I gave it a go. I started it about 10 months ago and the pattern called for the tiniest knitting needles (and we moved cross-country) so it took me a LONG time. And every time I would start working on this hat I just KNEW it was going to turn out like a mess that no one could ever wear.
       So the other night I started in on this hat again and finished it... and OH MY GOODNESS, it ACTUALLY turned out resembling a hat.
        (It looks cuter on Jamie, but he's not as into selfies as I am... ha!)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

funny story

This weekend Audrie announced that we should go swimming. Um, ok. I've been wanting to join Fayetteville Athletic Club anyways (they have a great deal for teachers!) and I knew they had an indoor heated swimming pool. Anyways, Saturday morning the girls and I headed over there (1/2 a mile from our house- yay!) got signed up and into the pool. Had a blast.

When it was time to go I took the girls into the locker room to towel off. A woman walked in and set her caddy of shower supplies next to a shower and then went off to the other side to the restroom. I was toweling off Audrie's hair and I turned around to discover Annie standing next to the shower supplies, with a huge smile on her face, scrubbing her teeth with the woman's toothbrush!!!!!!!

I about died.

I looked around. No one in sight. I grabbed Annie (and Audrie), put the toothbrush back in the shower caddy (oh yes I did) and ran off with girls under my arms.

Oh my goodness.

Poor Annie kept asking all the way to the car "What, mommy? What did I do??".

We had to have a little chat about why that was so not ok. And Annie is so tender-hearted of course she burst into tears.

Sweet Annie.

 In hindsight, I suppose I should have found the woman and explained what happened, had Annie apologize.

Or at least I could have thrown the toothbrush in the trash on my way out! Let the poor woman think she had lost it.

But, nope. I just ran.

Mother of Year, that's me!


Saturday, November 09, 2013

priceless discovery

The other day I was digging through the files on my computer searching for a document and all of sudden I discovered some videos and photos that apparently Audrie had taken of herself on the Photo Booth app. 

I didn't even realize she know how to do this, but I was dying laughing when I started watching them!

Here are two of my favorites...

Friday, November 01, 2013

sweet girlies

Ok, I have to admit I was really looking forward to this Halloween because the girls had both picked costumes that involved me turning them into brunettes (Princess Jasmine and Snow White) and I was very much hoping that for only a moment they would somehow look like ME with their brown hair. They did look adorable, but.... still little Jamie Cornetts (with brown hair)!. :)

We had SOOOOO much fun trick-or-treating. Really, the girls are the perfect age for it and were in a FULL RUN the entire night from house to house. It was super cute. 

So I've been meaning to do a whole separate blog on how PROUD I am of Audrie's progress in Kindergarten this year. But since I can't seem to make that post happen, I'm just going to throw that in now.

Audrie has been ROCKIN' kindergarten like I never imagined she would. She got chosen from her class to be an Ambassador for her school, she consistently gets on "green smiley" every day (ok, she has had her "color changed" a couple of times, but that's good for her). She is a natural at making friends and even told me that the school cafeteria "cooks good food"! :)

And I'm not pretending that she is perfect. God knows that's far from the truth, but I am very thrilled with how much Audrie has been learning these past few months. 

Her reading has taken off. She sounds out new words and sentences and can read through easy books now. The latest fun thing that she is doing is that she has made the connection of how to WRITE sentences by sounding out what she wants to spell. Of course it's a little rough with spelling and phonics she is sounding out, but I think it's pretty darn amazing.

Tonight she wrote these sentences on her own and came to show me.  (it says "A leaf fell on me. I picked it up. I gave it to my daddy.") I love seeing her mind in action.

And then there is sweet wonderful Annie. Who is content pretending the mop is her ninja weapon...
She tells Jamie and I about 50 times a day how much she loves us.

I've had a heart breaking night tonight because I learned of a friend and former co-teacher whose wonderful16 year old son died suddenly of a blood clot today.
One of those things where you say WHY GOD?! That's just not fair at all. But then I have to think about all the peace and love her son is engulfed in Heaven right now.

"Some glad morning when this life is o'er,
I'll fly away;
To a home on God's celestial shore,
I'll fly away"