Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I made something!

        Ok, I'm pretty excited about this...! A year or so ago, my friend Juli Goss taught me how to knit. I was instantly hooked (ha... no pun intended) and I started out making a few scarves. Then Jamie decided I should make him a knit hat. Um, right? That sounded intense, but I gave it a go. I started it about 10 months ago and the pattern called for the tiniest knitting needles (and we moved cross-country) so it took me a LONG time. And every time I would start working on this hat I just KNEW it was going to turn out like a mess that no one could ever wear.
       So the other night I started in on this hat again and finished it... and OH MY GOODNESS, it ACTUALLY turned out resembling a hat.
        (It looks cuter on Jamie, but he's not as into selfies as I am... ha!)