Monday, February 25, 2013

rubber duckies gone wrong

I was out of town for the weekend (at an amazing conference more on that later) but I am so happy to be back home with my silly little girlies!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

never a dull moment

After dinner tonight the girls put on an impromptu show for us about a singing taxi driver. It was smash hit! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

the downlow on Audrie's birthday

 Two weeks ago Audrie turned 5 and it was ALL this little girl could talk about for a month!

 And by "5" I mean she turned 15...

 The night before I stayed up making cupcakes for her class party (Jamie came up with the idea of using math for the cake toppers).

I let Audrie open a gift that morning on her birthday (which was a cute pink frilly dress and tights). She had informed me the week before that she wanted to dress beautiful for school on her birthday. Really, she's already a teenager, I swear.
 I was able to stop in later that day for her class to have cupcakes in Audrie's honor. Her teacher had made her an adorable crown to wear.
 They all sang Happy Birthday to her and then dug into their cupcakes.
 (Oh and by the way Audrie's hair is so curly because I "rag tied" her hair the night before.)
 Then they had a little dance party.

 Ate more cupcakes.
 Got crazy on the sugar!
 And danced some more. Good times!

Later after school I made Audrie lay down and rest for a bit (I knew she was going to have a late night) and I worked on her birthday cake. I found an idea on Pinterest for a layered cake COVERED in sprinkles. Audrie is a huge fan of sprinkles so I attempted it.
 It turned out better than I thought it would.
 Several of our friends and family from Arkansas were so sweet to mail Audrie some gifts to open.
 Jason, Samanthe, and Samuel came over for pizza, presents, and cake.
 Audrie was super excited to open her gifts.
 There was another certain young lady who was NOT excited to watch Audrie open her gifts...
 Audrie was nice and let Annie help dig into the presents.

 The last gift we had her open was a card from me and Jamie.

We had gotten Audrie (and me) a ticket to see Cinderella on Broadway that night. Audrie gave a big squeal and hugs when she read it!
 We sang Happy Birthday to her. (Thank you, Samanthe, for these pictures.)
 Audrie made a wish and blew out her candles.
 Excited to be 5 years old!
 The cake was layered with Funfetti and Chocolate.
 Samuel seemed to approve. :)
 Annie taught us the correct way to eat the cake.

 Samanthe had picked out an adorable pink purse and pink hair extensions for Audrie. So cute!

 Audrie told Jamie earlier in the week that all she wanted for her birthday was "her very own scarf". So Jamie picked one out for her and she loved it!

 After we cleaned up from the party, Audrie and I headed downtown to Broadway to see Cinderella. Audrie was so very excited!

 We got settled in our seats and were ready for the show to start!
 The performance was magical! The costumes were incredible.
 But the most amazing part was watching Audrie watch the performance. I wish I could have captured on video that first moment of the show when Cinderella comes out on stage and sings her first beautiful notes- Audrie turned to me and smiled the biggest smile in the world. I cried. It was such a sweet moment with my baby girl.
5 years old seems way too old to me, but it was a fun day of celebrating our sweet girl! We love you, Audrie!

Monday, February 04, 2013

gotta get growing

I love that every Feb. 4th for the last five years I've gone to bed covered in pink icing. :)

Audrie has been CRAZY excited about her birthday for a month and couldn't wait to get to bed tonight so her birthday would finally be here. She shares a room with Annie and normally when we put them to bed they giggle, sing, and squeal until Jamie and I can think of good enough threats to get them to go to sleep. But tonight as I was tucking Audrie into bed, she said very seriously "Annie, we have to go to sleep tonight, so I can get to growing."

Seems like she has the growing thing down pretty good...

 Happy Birthday, sweet Audrie!