Tuesday, April 29, 2008

take me out to the ballgame

Jamie and I went to a Natural's baseball game on Monday with our good pals, Jim and Emily. (Thanks, Mom and Dad, for babysitting!) The game was tons of fun but really it was all about the concession stand! I think the final count was three bags of peanuts...!

"Baby Ben" seemed to enjoy the game, too!

We had great seats behind first base, but we kept having to dodge all the foul balls!

It was alot of fun, the tickets are really cheap, and we found out that kids under 3 are free- so when it gets warmer we'll have to take Audrie to her first baseball game!

Monday, April 28, 2008

my cherie amour

Today was a "say something hat day"...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

cute from head to toe

Oh my goodness, you have to see these adorable new tights I got for Audrie! She was the cutest little 2 month old in church today.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

grandmas and go-carts

Having a live-in nanny isn't such a bad deal! Jamie's mom came up again this weekend to spend some time spoiling Audrie. So Jamie and I used the free babysitting to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. We went to dinner and movie with a group of friends and then made an appearance at my 10 yr old nephew's bday party at Locomotion. We actually had such a blast getting soaked in the bumper boats and being speed racers on the go-carts with all my brothers and sister-in-laws (I really thought we were gonna get kicked off the tracks)! I think us big "kids" ended up having more fun than the 10 year olds.
I'm in second place here in between Seth and Warren... (If you don't count Jamie who lapped everyone about 5 times in his souped up go-cart that I think had nitrous in the tank)!

Friday, April 25, 2008

sweet dreams

I didn't want to jinx myself by admitting it was true... but, praise God, our little girl has finally started sleeping through the night! She started last week, but I kept thinking it was too good to be true (and the first couple nights I couldn't help but get up a few times to check on her). But now I am so thankful to be getting a full night's sleep again, especially since I have to go back to work in two weeks. She's such a sweet little baby. I don't know what Jamie and I did to deserve such a wonderful blessing. I may have to go wake her up right now just to kiss her soft little cheeks!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the life of a model

As you can imagine, I take a lot of pictures of Audrie. (She's an adorable captive audience and I have a new camera I like to mess around with.) So, this morning I decided to snap some pictures while she was playing on the rug in her nursery floor. I got a few cute shots, but my favorites were the out takes...!

I think she's actually raising one eyebrow in this shot...!

Then she punched the lens of my camera (like I'm the paparazzi or something..).

She's honestly filling up her diaper in this photo... the face of true concentration.

But this last one was a clear signal that she was done with the photo shoot...!!!!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

4 going on 30?

Kyla (my neighbor's daughter) and my niece, Emma, and I are becoming quite the BFF's. I told Jamie it's sad how much fun I have hanging out with these little girls. I guess I've never quite lost my love for coloring and watching cartoons! Yesterday, after we had a little group sing-a-long time at the piano, I convinced them to watch Cinderella with me (my all time favorite Disney Classic). Of course before we could start the movie they had to spend some quality time jumping on our huge bean bag chair and making shadow puppets on the movie screen... ok, I made shadow puppets, too. Eventually we all settled down enough to watch the movie. I love being four...!

(And naturally... Audrie was asleep through it all.)

Monday, April 21, 2008

snug as a bug

I was able to get more use with the baby sling this weekend. Jamie and I took Audrie with us Saturday for the children's choir event. Everyone oohed and aahed over her of course and she was such a sweet baby all day (she spit up a little on a few moms but they didn't seem to mind). I kept her in the sling for most of the morning and she loved being a tiny kangaroo baby.

I practiced a little the night before to make sure I could still play the piano while wearing Audrie and Jamie snapped a few pictures of our duet.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

baby daddy

While Jamie was gone last night (he went to a Natural's baseball game with some guys from our neighborhood) Audrie and I decided to make some fun shirts in honor of our favorite daddy.

Monday, April 14, 2008

children's choir

The 2007-2008 season of the Bentonville Children's Choir is coming to a close with two performances next week- a benefit concert for the NWA Children's Shelter and our Spring Concert at The Cathedral of the Ozarks. (Though we will have a few more rehearsals to prepare for the concert tour to Chicago in June.) Jamie and I absolutely love the work we do for these kids and are so sad that Andrea, my friend and co-founder, will be leaving after this year to pursue her doctorate in music composition. We've been praying that God will help us find the right person to take her place but it's some really talented shoes to fill. I snapped these photos tonight at our rehearsal. (Why is it that when you try to take pictures of kids all they want to do is make weird faces?!)

It really is a blast working with these kids. I'm already looking forward to next year!