Tuesday, November 13, 2012

apples to apples

 A few weeks ago we decided we needed a get-away/ mini-vacation, so we headed upstate NY to the Catskills for a weekend in a cabin with friends.

(This is not our cabin... just some quaint country side pics from our drive.)

 I can't express enough how crazy amazing it is for to have the luxury of riding in a car! It is so blissful to put the girls in their carseats (which we normally store in our closets) and drive down the road. I never knew I would miss that SO MUCH.
 I sadly don't have any photos from our cabin or the other two days we spent in the fabulous country side. However, I have 50 photos from the couple of hours we spent at the local orchard!! :)

 Our friends, Josh and Juli, drove in from Boston to meet us for the weekend. We were super excited to hang out with them (mostly because they are wonderful at entertaining our children for hours on end!!).
 Jason, Samanthe, and Samuel spent the weekend with us, too! So fun!

Here is Juli taking Audrie off for a little chat about life. (I'm sure she was convincing her to memorize the Dewey Decimal system or how knitting can change your life...)

Of course we ate a ton of apple cider donuts!

Here Annie is seeing if there is one more spot of sugar she can lick off her fingers.

Josh getting psyched up for the harvest...

They had sweet miniature horses to ride.

 Audrie did not hesitate and went for it!

Annie took a little more convincing, but luckily Josh is a child-whisperer so he was able to talk her into riding the horse. :)

At this orchard there was a little village of small houses to play in. Audrie saw this one and said "Grandma Cornett's house!" (it does look similar!).

Samanthe snapped a quick photo of the four of us...(thanks, Sam!)

But if you have crazy toddlers like ours then photos tend to look more like this:

Josh's turn to give the girl's some advice...

We did pick a TON of apples (and ate way too many along the way, too).

 Jason showing the girls how to use the apple picker.

The long rows in the orchard were just begging to be run in! Made me want to sing some Dixie Chicks... "wide open spaces!!!".
 At first I tried to convince the girls NOT to eat every apple they touched, but I quickly gave up on that.

Samuel, the little cutey pie!

Josh and Juli, the brave souls who don't have children but are crazy enough to hang out with us anyways!

Samanthe explaining to Samuel how she can sew a costume from these leaves. :)


 Sweet girls!

The three musketeers headed for trouble.

 It really was such a wonderful weekend full of cliche happy moments!
 We cooked, baked, knitted, played board games, napped, played outside in the yard for hours, and had a merry time. (I have to admit that one of the highlights of the weekend for me was when I got to DRIVE in the car, by MYSELF, to WALMART... this was a big treat and I smiled the whole time.)

Thank you Josh, Juli, Jason, and Sam for an awesome weekend!