Monday, July 30, 2007

"Here's Looking at You, Kid."

I am starting to run out of people to model for my photography class assignments, so I convinced my brother Caleb to sit for a few pictures- he was a very patient model! With this assignment I was supposed to recreate special lighting effects to shoot a picture that mimics old black and white films.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Baby Sighting!

So, the craziest thing happened tonight! We were hanging out at our friends Jim (aka Dr. Burrow) and Emily's house and Jim says "hey, wanna go get an ultrasound?". We said yes of course. So we drove to the medical clinic and got to see our baby again. But tonight was SO awesome, because we got to SEE THE BABY MOVING! Oh my goodness, it was so wonderful to see the baby kicking and moving and waving his/her arms around. I cried. And Jim let Jamie do the ultrasound for awhile and Jamie got some great photos of our baby. Good news- the baby has two arms and two legs! And at one point the baby stuck out it's hand and you could see five little fingers waving at us. So cool!

In this pic you can see longways down the baby. The head is first and then the arms, legs and tiny feet in the background. If you look closely you can see the right arm bent at the elbow. (And you can see the baby has Jamie's long skinny legs!)
This one is of the baby sideways. The head on the right and the body, arms and legs curving up to the left. You can almost see a little nose on the face here. The legs are blurry because the baby was kicking alot in this picture. (I can't feel any movement yet because I'm only 12 weeks, but maybe around 20 weeks...)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

America's Next Top Model...

I bribed Jamie into being the subject for one of my photography assignments and I thought this picture turned out pretty cool.

Snake Charmer??

I actually held a snake at the Gentry Wildlife Zoo! (I had to get a picture, because Jamie never thought I would really do it.)
And I got some really great shots of giraffes, kangaroos, baby tigers and a lot of adorable animals, but my favorite pic was of this cute little squirrel. (You can see him giving me the stare down here- I think he thought I might take his acorn.)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Pics from Photography Class

Here are a few more photos I took this past week. (Our assignment was to work on taking up-close shots with narrow focus and shallow depth of field.) It is so fun developing these in the dark room, but it is very time consuming. I'm sure, like anything, it just takes alot of practice and paitence. It only took me ten years of piano lessons to get any good, so maybe by the time I'm 40 I'll be able to call myself a decent photographer!

This first pic is from the UA Senior Walk (where they put all the graduates names on the sidewalks) and I thought how the tree shadows frame Jamie's name was pretty cool.

I was driving through Fayetteville and saw this statue in someone's front yard, so I jumped out of my car (left it running) and snapped a picture.
And who couldn't resist photographing this beautiful model! (I have connections with her agent...)

"Thank You for Being a Friend..."

I'm always amazed by the blessings in my life and this week it seems my "girls" have been there for me! On Sunday Erin so graciously allowed me to pass my babysitting duties off to her with no notice, Gloria came to my rescue for one of our hetic music workshops at school (I used to think it was kind of joke to say that G knew everything, but now I'm scared to think it's really kind of true...), Kim has been such motivation for my photograhpy and even let me stop by unannounounced tonight for help with an assignment (and to photograph her beautiful children), and then Mel (and Brian!) came to my rescue this evening with a delicious dinner (I have been craving a juicy hamburger all week and she just happened to be grilling burgers so I inivited myself over for yummy food and a homemade chocolate malt by Mr. Ward himself)! So, I'm home now... fat and happy and so thankful for close friends!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Alien Baby due to arrive on February 5th!

Here's the first official picture of our baby! I'm not sure if you can see anything in this alien blob, but if you squint your eye and stand on one foot, you can see the round head on the right and the little body across the left. We got to see the tiny heartbeat pulsing away in there today and we feel everything is a little more official now. It was so awesome to see that I actually have a little Cornett, Jr growing inside me! Jamie got a little choked up, but I was busy trying to stare at the picture to see if the baby looks like me... Jamie says it does.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Kim Wanna-be

I started taking an Intro to Photography class last week at NWACC (Bentonville teachers get free classes there). And it has been SO much fun! Already I feel like I have learned so much! The class is black and white photography and we have to use film cameras. Thankfully Kim let me use one of her fancy cameras and has been giving me a lot of helpful pointers. Last Friday I spent several hours in the dark room developing my pictures and here is one of my favorites.

Kim took a picture of me trying to act like I knew what I was doing...

(And here's what I was taking a picture of... some cool graffiti that just happened to have Jamie's initials and my name in the same spot.)

Here's another picture I took that I thought turned out ok.

And I took a picture of these crazy frogs we have in our front flower bed that our friend Jim gave Jamie for his birthday last year. I have to admit that at first I was not a fan of the frogs in our yard but now I think they're pretty funny.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Baby Daddy

Jamie calculated that if the average baby needs 6-8 diaper changes a day, multiplied by 2 years until potty training, divided by the amount of diapers per package... we are going to need alot of diapers! So he decided last night that every time we go grocery shopping we need to get a package of diapers and start stockpiling early. (This comes from the same man who insisted a couple years ago that I buy about a five year supply of feminine products at Sam's Club!) Jamie is very excited about the baby and I'm pretty sure he is reading more pregnancy books than I am. He's going to be a great "Baby Daddy" and our little one should have plenty of diapers!