Thursday, February 25, 2010

iPhone for toddlers

It's a tough call in our house who is most addicted to the iPhone... Jamie, Audrie or me. I have to admit I used to be a hater, but then I opted for the "can't beat 'em, join 'em" strategy and am hooked myself. But for Audrie the iPhone is like crack. And it is alarming ALL that she knows how to do on that thing. She sits down with it, plays her favorite apps, then gets on you tube for awhile and watches some of her favorite videos (in particular Destiny's Child performing with Elmo), then she logs into iTunes and listens to .005 second of each song, then finishes up by walking around with the camera mode on- snapping random pics around the house. So when I get my phone back from her... here is what I see on the camera roll (I think she entitled this photography set "Socks")...
(These are actually from two different days... same sock pose. Genius.)

The best part is somehow she figures out how to save a photo as my wallpaper, so I'll get to work and switch open my phone to see a lovely photo like this. Makes me smile though!
But just in case you were looking for some new apps for your toddler to try out. Here are Audrie's favorites:

Smack Talk- it records your voice and plays it back a ton of strange ways. Fun for hours.

Tappy Tunes- you tap the screen to control the playing of songs and fun images. Toddler Tools Music- this one is actually pretty smart. You have to tap the correct notes on the xylophone (it lights up the correct keys) and you play songs. But Audrie does it! (Remember she IS a genius...)Talking Flash Cards- picture with written word. You tap the screen and it says the word (over and over and over... until you will lose your mind if you hear the word asparagus one more time). Zoo Box- shows a picture of many different animals and when you tap the screen it makes their (very authentic) noise.Doodle Buddy- is a great free app with different colors of crayons and even stamps with sound effects. Very cool!

And, of course, popping Bubbles. (Actually I kind of like doing this one when my mind needs a break during the day!) Anyways, those keep Audrie entertained at times we really need to. But the camera mode is her all time favorite. She thinks it's great how she can "see" us on the screen. Except the other day she walked into the bathroom with the camera mode on... headed to Jamie taking a shower...! Yikes.