Monday, February 15, 2010

my purpose in life?

So I try help Jamie from getting in a situation where he will have to dress Audrie and fix her hair on his own. Usually if I have to be gone I will lay clothes out and leave a hair bow or something easy for Jamie to put on her. The other day Jamie was going to run to the store with Audrie and I didn't have time to tame her curls so I suggested that Jamie just grab a cute little hat to put on Audrie... so this is what she came out wearing... "Um, dad, I don't think this is what mom had in mind."
I'm not sure if this is even a compliment- but Jamie did tell me the other day that when he thinks about "what if something tragic happened to Rachel"- he said the first thing he worries about is how he wouldn't be able to dress Audrie or fix her hair. I guess its good to know I'm needed for something. :)