Monday, February 01, 2010

way too many sledding pics

This past Friday night when the snow storm was really coming in heavy, we decided to drive to our friend's house for dinner! (Ok, it was only a few miles down the road and Jamie has four wheel drive... so no worries.) But I snapped a few photos while he drove. I like this next picture because it looks like the speed limit sign is buried high in snow!
And here was the main highway we were driving on- completely packed with snow, going down hill, over a bridge (we're idiots, I know).
Poor cows...
When we turned into Jim and Emily's subdivision it hadn't been driven on (who else was stupid enough to be out?) so it was just a field of white level snow. We couldn't tell where the streets to the subdivision were or where to drive- we had to guess by the street signs and how the house fronts were facing!
Anyways, all this snow made for some good times in sledding with our neighbors. Audrie was a not a big fan of sledding, but here is Jamie trying to convince her it was going to be ok.
The hill everyone was sledding on was pretty steep though. I was with Audrie on this one, "no way!".
But she did go down the hill a few times with Jamie. I was proud of her.
Her cheeks got a little pink from the cool air so we didn't stay out too long.
It was fun to hang out with our neighbors for a little while though. (And my neighbor, Gina, took the rest of these photos.)
We do have a pretty great hill for sledding!
It's hard to tell from the photo but the hill is so steep it actually disappears from sight for a few feet (and is no fun to climb back up!).Even if it was cold, it was nice to be outside for a little fresh air.
I actually went down once, too. Don't tell my baby doctor! :)
Audrie got pretty tired so we headed back inside to warm up.

I'm sure next winter when Audrie is a little older, she'll be a little more excited about sledding. But we had fun this time and thanks again, Gina, for all the pics!