Wednesday, March 17, 2010

play-by-play of THE cake

Jamie likes lots of cakes, but he has a very specific, last meal on this earth, favorite cake and that is THE carrot cake made by our friends Jason and Samanthe. So for his birthday, they made one and mailed it to him! (They live in New York City.) So much to his delight Jamie opens this large package from NYC to discover a home baked, made from scratch, carrot cake from the kitchen of Jason and Sam. So fun!
And they even included specific (and illustrated) directions! So Jamie started the building process...
And had a wonderful little helper who was very extremely excited about cake. Couldn't take her eyes off it.
My favorite part of the directions... "you might not be able to use ALL the frosting" (they sent FOUR tubs) "but TRY".
So Jamie loaded up on the frosting. Audrie still staring. Dying with impatience to devour this cake.
Oops, quick! Dad's not looking... go now!!
Did he see that??
So, Jamie finished putting the cake together and it was quite possibly the ugliest assemblage of a cake I've ever seen, but it tasted SO GOOD!
And Jamie was one happy birthday boy! He said all he wanted for his birthday was THAT cake. (Guess we have to take back his presents...??)
Thank you, Jason and Sam, for the birthday fun and tasty cake! You guys are too wonderful.