Wednesday, May 05, 2010

little gymnist

Yesterday evening we took Audrie to a free introductory class at The Little Gym. (She's been for a few birthday parties but never an actual class there.) She loved it, of course! My plan was to sign her up for the summer session (June-August) and have Jamie take her to class one night a week so they could have some daddy-daughter time and I could have a little break from TWO kids at home this summer. And when I called to schedule the intro class they said they did have evening classes available, however when we got there last night they said that in the summer session they only have day classes. Stinks! I can't take Audrie to a day class this summer- not with a newborn (the adult has to be next to the child helping in these classes). But anyways, she had a BLAST at the class last night and it was cute to see her tumbling and bouncing around everywhere.
She was super excited to get started with the class!
Jamie was such a patient and encouraging teacher!
Audrie really picks up new concepts amazingly fast (especially if they involve jumping!).
She loved the parallel bars the most!
It was a small class- about 7 kids (and several dads actually).
The instructor was really great with Audrie, too, showing her how to do wall hand stands...
And summersaults on the balance beam. It was also wonderful to see Audrie last night listening so well to the teacher, following directions, being eager to help clean up and socializing with the other kids. She's going to do great at preschool this fall!
I'm going to check a few more options to see if I can find some sort of fun evening activity for Jamie and Audrie to do together one night a week this summer. They may just have to have a weekly "date" night and do something new each week!