Saturday, May 22, 2010


Well from the moment we came home with Annie, Audrie has been smitten. I'm not quite sure how long this love infatuation will last, so I'm trying to enjoy each moment. But Audrie adores Annie. Wants to hold her all the time, lays down with her in the floor, helps change her diapers, sing songs to her, anything Annie is doing Audrie wants to be next to the "baby Annie". It's very cute!
She even read her some good night stories the other night.
Oh and it just melts my photographer heart when Audrie "takes pictures" of Annie on her toy camera!
"Say cheese, Annie!'
And sometimes in the morning we let Audrie lay in bed with us and watch a cartoon. And so now she has to be holding the baby while she watches her cartoons.
And Annie is such a good sport about it all. She is a very chilled out baby! Just let's Audrie hug her and squeeze her all day.
I love Annie's little smile in this next photo... so happy in her sister's arms.
We are all doing great since we've been home. Annie really just has three stages of her day: eat, sleep, poop (rinse and repeat!). Here she is looking so tiny in her crib...
We are all so in love with her!
Here are our two daughters having their first heart-to-heart... (or it actually looks like Annie is telling Audrie here all the trouble they are going to get into very soon!)
We are just taking it one day at a time and trying to enjoy these precious moments!