Saturday, June 12, 2010

blog award

My cousin-in-law (if there is such a term for a family member) and dear friend, Erin, has awarded my blog with it's second award so I feel it is time for me to partake in the nature of the award. The idea is that you are suppose to choose 5 of your favorite pair of shoes and feature them on your blog (and then pass the award on to other blogs you love). And since my life is in full blown baby mode I thought it only fitting (pun intended) that I feature 5 of my toddler's favorite shoes. (Although I feel the need to brag that I actually wore high heels to church last week! Never mind the fact that I honestly had to get a wet cloth and wipe the dust off them before I could wear them.) Anyways here are 5 of my favorite pairs of Audrie's shoes (Annie's tiny little newborn feet are still too little for shoes)...

These adorable polka dot flats with a ruffle are just everything I love in a shoe! Sadly Audrie only got to wear them once before she outgrew them but they are in good condition for Annie's feet when she gets bigger. I got them at a yard sale so I'm not sure where you could find a pair.(And if I could find them in my size I would buy them in a heartbeat! Is it sad that I would wear the same thing as my toddler??)

I guess I could say the same for these silver strappy sandals from Baby Gap (I really do have a pair of shoes myself that are similar!). I mostly put these on Audrie for church or special outings, but they are very durable and stay on her feet (actually she can't take them off so that's an added bonus).

And, oh, the pink converse! LOVE THEM! She has worn these for almost an entire year but has finally outgrown them so I'm the hunt for another pair (I would love some high top converse for Audrie in turquoise!). I also got these at a yard sale, but I'm pretty sure they sell them at Target or definitely online. They are by far my favorite pair of shoes for Audrie. Lots of memories in these shoes.

These little pink butterfly shoes are really not the cutest to look at, but they are SQUEAKY shoes and Audrie adores them. And yes they do get a little annoying but I really love putting them on Audrie and letting her squeak around the house. And actually they are nice when you are at a busy event (birthday party, chuckEcheese, etc) because you can always keep track of your child! She wore them today and we were flagging down the ice cream truck this afternoon as it went down our street and I could hear Audrie's little squeaks running behind me as she was belting out in her cute toddler voice "ice cream truck, ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!". (ok, maybe that was me yelling...) ha!

And last but not least are the pair of shoes that Audrie has been living in for a month. Jamie got her these cute little pink Teva sandals at Lewis & Clark Outfitters and while they were a little more expensive then we'd like to pay for toddler shoes- they have been worth every penny because she wears them almost every day- in the sand box, in the pool, splashing in mud, dripping popsicles all over them, etc. And I just wash them off in the sink and they are good to go! And I think they are really cute, too.

Ok, there you have it! Thank you for the award, Erin! It was fun! And now I pass the award on to: