Tuesday, June 15, 2010

fun with grandma

My mom has been coming to get Audrie two mornings a week for a "date". They do all kinds of fun things for a few hours and then back in time for Audrie to take a long afternoon nap. It gives me such a blissful break to get so much done (and spend some time loving on Annie). And Audrie has so much fun with her Grandma Lowery. Doesn't she look like such a big girl in my mom's car here...??
And one morning a week my mom keeps Annie so that Audrie and I can have some time together. Isn't my mother wonderful?!
I'm really starting to feel like Audrie is growing up too fast and she's turning into such a "little girl". I'm so glad I'm getting this summer to hang out with her. She totally cracks me up with all the funny things she is starting to say (she really talks nonstop these days and most of it is hilarious). Gonna be a fun summer!
(Thanks, Candace, for the adorable tutu and flower headband!!)