Thursday, June 10, 2010

priceless moments

Ok, I know I've posted a few videos of Audrie singing, but this new one may be my favorite of all time. She's recently become a huge fan of The Little Mermaid and in the bottom of her toy box she found this musical card (from her birthday four months ago- thanks, Kate!) and so she's been walking around the house all week singing this little refrain from "Part of Your World" (and the last note of this video is the BEST... watch the intensity in her little face!)...

And then just some boring randomness... I have been trying to teach Audrie how to pat and clap hands with a partner (like we girls did at recess every day in elementary) and chant a little tune. Well Audrie is making up so crazy song here and trying to pat her hands, but not quite there yet!

Audrie is still being really super sweet with Annie. Today she was brushing Annie's hair very gently. And Audrie loves playing with her baby dolls- singing to them, pushing them in her stroller and taking naps with them. This morning she put her two favorite dolls next to Annie for a little photo shoot with her toy camera. I loved it (and snapped this quick photo with my phone). Annie just watches Audrie so closely... she's very intrigued by her big sister!

(Another random video... this is just Audrie being sweet with Annie.)

I really feel like we are starting to get into our daily "groove" and things are really going to be ok! :) Audrie has been very well behaved all this week and my post partum emotions have calmed down- so we are all doing much better. I feel like I should whisper this because I'll jinx myself, but Annie is only waking up once at night now! Praise the Lord! We are getting out of the house more which really helps my sanity. And my sweet sweet mother is going to start keeping the girls (one at a time) for a few hours during the week so that I can spend some quality one-on-one time with either Audrie or Annie. I am so grateful for my mom offering to help me out! So things are really going much better and I should be whining a lot less on this blog, now! ha!