Friday, July 09, 2010

glory halleluia

I really was starting to believe I'd never get to say this, but I'm proud to officially announce that Audrie is potty trained! Of course she still has a few accidents but I just can't believe this is really happening. Praise the Lord!

She hasn't had a diaper since Monday (she sleeps in a pull-up). But it just blows my mind how she will run into the bathroom (because she RUNS everywhere she goes), takes off her panties, climbs up on the toilet (she doesn't like to use the little potty), pees (or even poo!), wipes, climbs down, flushes the toilet, puts her panties back on (usually backwards or inside out), washes her hands, and comes running back to tell me that she went pee pee and needs some M&Ms. It is AWESOME and until this week I seriously doubted it would ever happen. I mean, a few minutes ago I was putting some clothes away and walked past the bathroom and there she was... just sitting on the potty- "I going pee pee, mommy!". Be still, my heart. She looks like such a big girl with out that diaper.
Her feet finally reach the petals on her tricycle so she's been riding that more lately, too. I'm telling you- growing up so fast!
I really thought this summer was going to be the death of me, but it's turning out to be one of some fun memories.
I'm really cherishing this time I get to spend with Audrie.