Thursday, July 01, 2010

how to keep a toddler busy

My niece, Emma (don't you just adore her stunning blue eyes?!), and nephew, Jacob, have been spending more time with us since Audrie is old enough to actually play. And she ADORES them. It's such a big help when they come hang out because Emma entertains Audrie (and plays SO wonderfully with her) and Jacob usually plays for a little while but then disappears upstairs to play video games (a special treat for him at our house). So I can get lots done when they are here. And Audrie tries so hard to do everything just like her cousin, Emma! (If only I could get Emma to potty train Audrie...ha!)
And one of my other nieces, Emily, is coming tomorrow to take care of Audrie while my mom helps me deep clean my house (my mom gave me a "gift certificate" for my birthday to help me scrub my entire house)! So I sat down to make a list for Emily so that she could have a ton of choices to keep busy with Audrie.... (here is the list I made in case you were curious what it takes to keep a two year old busy for a few hours):

Play on back porch (sandbox, pool, playhouse)
Play in sprinkler
Go for a walk in the wagon
Play on neighbor’s swingset
Play with dress up clothes
Color or paint (or other art projects)
Play with board games
Read books
Dance to music
Play cooking with toy kitchen
Blow bubbles
Watch a movie upstairs
Play with big beach ball (in front yard)
Play with large tunnel (under her bed)
Watch home videos on computer
Push her in stroller
Puppet show
Play piano (make up songs)
Bake cookies

Whew. Makes me wanna take a nap just reading that list!