Sunday, July 04, 2010

pizza italiano

My brother Caleb came over last week to make me some homemade pizza that he learned to make while he was living in Italy (for his architecture study abroad program). Caleb made the dough from scratch and everything. It tasted amazing!
He also brought over a huge stash of cookie cutters so that he and Audrie could make some fun sugar cookies. Such a sweet uncle!
Audrie loved it! And kept calling him "Calef" with an F... I couldn't get her to say it right but it was pretty cute.
He was so super paitent with her... letting her do it "all by herself" (which is BIG deal when you're two, ya know??).
Caleb's girlfriend, Lexi, came too and it was nice to meet her. She is so sweet.
Caleb and Audrie made some very 'interesting' cookies! But they tasted great and Audrie had a blast, so what more could you ask for?
How about the ice cream truck?! Just as they were finishing the cookies (and Audrie had eaten a ton of batter and sprinkles) we heard the ice cream truck coming, so of couse we had even more sugar!
It was a fun night. Can't wait to have CaleF back to cook for us again!