Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"tall and tan and young and lovely"

Doesn't this picture make you dizzy?! I wanted to snap a quick photo of Annie in her Baby Legs because I thought they were so cute on her. So I put her down in her crib to take a photo, but then all the mix of prints and patterns made my head spin. But I also thought Annie is looking really long/tall (can you really call a baby "tall" when they never actually stand up??)- she's 24 inches at 10 weeks so she's definitely got some length going on.

All I know is that she is growing up too fast already. I can not believe I go back to work in two weeks. Seems like I just had Annie days ago! Where did my summer go??? So bittersweet. I am definitely going to miss all the sweet moments with my girls, pajama days and the afternoon ice cream truck... but I feel like I'll be ready to get back to my daily work routine, seeing my teacher friends, and getting excited about teaching the world to sing. Plus our girls will be in such great hands with Jamie's mom all day! I told Donna I was ready to get back to teaching so I could get a break. :)