Sunday, August 15, 2010

annie update

Annie is going to be three months old this week! Time flies when you're lost in baby world. I was talking to Jamie last night about how I almost feel a little embarrassed about how panicked I was at the beginning of this summer- wondering how I'd survive two babies. Because now it's really pretty easy. Annie is such a sweet sweet baby! She sleeps amazingly- two hour naps throughout the day and 7-8 hours at night. And when she is awake she coos and smiles and is so content. (Too bad she's going to turn two someday...! ha!)
Annie loves her bumbo chair. I actually didn't realize that she was ready to sit in this yet, but Jamie was home with the girls the other day and he got the bumbo chair out for Annie and she loved it!
I've been in teacher workshops the past week and so Annie has had to adjust to taking a couple bottles during the day. She wasn't a big fan at first (I got lazy this summer and didn't give her many bottles). But now she's fine with them and doesn't mind switching between me and the bottle. My goal is to nurse until Christmas and I've got a freezer stuffed full of milk so I think we won't have to buy much formula.

(Random tangent- Did you know you could sell breastmilk?? I'm not going to, but I saw several online sites where you can advertise and sell your frozen milk for about $2 an ounce. Crazy! So now every day when I pump an 8 ounce bag and put it in our freezer I'm going to give Jamie a bill for $16!)
And the infatuation between Audrie and Annie is still going strong. Audrie loves to kiss and hug on her sissy and Annie just watches every move Audrie makes and smiles so big at her. I asked Audrie to get next to Annie for a photo...
I like this next photo because you can see Annie's only line of defense... "you get too close to me and I WILL lick you!".
Sweet baby Annie! We love you so much. You are such a perfect addition to our family!
We are having Annie's baby dedication at church next Sunday (August 22nd) at 11am at Fellowship Bible Church in Lowell- in the Community Worship Building. We would love to have you there! (Audrie is going to be on stage with us and you wouldn't want to miss the moment when she pulls her dress up over her head!)