Tuesday, August 17, 2010

guess who's excited??

Audrie is starting her first day of pre-school tomorrow! She's going to go all day twice a week at the Pinecrest Private School in Bentonville. Jamie and I took her for a tour last week and, oh my goodness, she was crazy excited!
She wore her backpack around the house for an hour before we left because she couldn't wait to go see her school.
We are excited for her to be in a classroom with kids her age and teachers that can straighten her out. :)
I do have to tell you that when we were touring the classroom there were some summer school kids in there playing and one little girl comes up to Audrie and tries to take her flower out of her hair. And Audrie just straight arm shoves the girl down. I about died. We'd only been there a few minutes. Great first impression, Audrie!
Hopefully she won't get sent to the principal's office the very first day! :)