Friday, August 06, 2010

sleepover with the lowerys

Audrie went and stayed the night with her cousins Jacob and Emma the other night. She adores them and it's so nice that Audrie is old enough to go stay the night with her "friends" just for fun. We always have to be strategic about when we tell her that Jacob and Emma are coming over because if we tell her too soon she will freak out for hours waiting for them to get there. She has a great time playing with them and they are so super sweet with her. It is lonely in our house when Audrie is gone, but it's good for her to get away and "miss" us a little. :) Kim sent us a couple photos from her phone so we could see how much fun Audrie was having at their house!
Love her! It's still hard to believe sometimes that she is not our 'baby' anymore. I get a monthly parenting email update about what milestones, stages, etc that my child is going through and it used to say "your 10 month old baby should be..." and then it started saying "your 20 month old toddler..." and now it is saying "your 30 month year old PRE-SCHOOLER"... wha?? Pre-schooler? That sounds so OLD. It might as well say "your 520 month old college grad"!