Wednesday, September 22, 2010

our sweetie pie

I know Audrie isn't getting her monthly stats posted on here so I wanted to a quick "update" on our crazy little Audrie.
She's 2 and a half now and has enough energy to power a small country. She weighs 29 pounds and is 37 inches tall. She's always been in the top percentile's for her height but it doesn't really show until I pick her up from her pre-school and she really is one of the tallest little kiddos in her class.
She's starting to wear size 3T but we have to take in the waist on her pants cuz so she's so slim. Personally I'm thinking about going on the "toddler" diet. For three days all I will eat is 4 goldfish crackers and drink a gallon of watered down lemonade... then on the fourth day I will only eat Cheerios I find randomly around the house.
Oh and one popsicle a day...
We love listening to Audrie's stories all day. This girl talks nonstop about the wackiest things. Her favorite things to do are: puzzles, read books, anything involving art, play in her sandbox, blow bubbles, ride in the wagon, terrorize the cat, call people on her fake cell phone, watch movies, take a bath, and of course SING.
I heard a cheesy quote the other day about how kids fill up the hole in your heart you didn't know you had. So corny and so true. 
And Audrie is still the best big sister we could have dreamed she would be. She really adores Annie.
Even introduced her to Dora...
I know they're sisters so they are destined to be clawing each other's eyes out someday, but my goodness they are super cute together right now.

Although Audrie really wants to pick up Annie all the time so we have to work on discouraging that...

These girls just melt my heart!
I don't know what I ever did in my life to deserve such blessings, but I sure am grateful.