Sunday, October 31, 2010

audrie and annie's costume party

Audrie and Annie threw a costume party this weekend!
Audrie was a furry monster (appropriate, I thought!).
Annie was an adorable little monster, too.
Jamie dressed as an inmate (a prisoner in a house of girls...?).
I wore my poodle skirt outfit.
Here's our wacky little family...
I tried to get a couple photos of Annie for her first Halloween...
Annie did great wearing her costume. But since she is such a chilled out baby we were not surprised how good she did.
Love her little monster feet...!
Jamie made quite a sight welcoming the guests...
Audrie wasted no time getting started on the candy!
Our first guest was Kayla, the little yellow duck.

And Lily made her party debut at three weeks old!
And her brother, Cole, sported his Buzz Lightyear costume with style!
I honestly intended to get individual photos of all the little kiddos as they arrived, but it just got pretty exciting quick as everyone showed up, so I didn't get each of their photos! We did attempt a group photo though...
Baby Leo the Lion (who is a week older than Annie) arrived later with his safari parents.
And the strikingly handsome Dr. Will Burris came to the party late (probably got held up in surgery).
And referee Brett Ward was calling all the shots (Mel made his adorable costume herself!).
But the costume award definitely goes to the Burrows...
Jim and Emily stole the show with their batman and wicked witch attire!
At some point in the evening I guess Audrie decided her costume wasn't good enough, because I noticed she kept adding accessories to her wardrobe! I tried to get a photo of her styling, but I could only catch a few blurry ones here because she was a busy hostess.

Most of the kids played in the sandbox or in the garage where I had set up a bunch of Audrie's bigger toys. We had planned to have our usual pumpkin carving contest, but we were all just too busy talking, eating, and chasing kiddos. I think I counted 19 kids and 32 adults... good times!
We all joked about how our Halloween plans have definitely changed over the years! But it was a fun way to celebrate and let our kids have some fun, too.
I had fun making a ton of those ghost suckers...
I made them with those Tootsie Pop suckers (the first time Audrie had one she got to the middle and freaked out because she said there was "poo poo" in the sucker!).
I put up a few decorations around the house.
Our friend Candace brought some little gifts for the girls and had made the cutest name tags ever!

And somehow I didn't take a photo of all the crazy good food we had. But it was tasty and gobbled up fast.
I was sad that I didn't get photos of everyone, but we had a good time throwing Audrie and Annie's first Halloween party. Thanks to all the little ghost and goblins who came to help us celebrate!!