Friday, October 15, 2010

same difference

People ask me if I think Annie and Audrie look alike and they definitely do, but Annie has her look going on. I just adore Annie's sweet round face and big eyes.

Audrie has a little clef in her chin that Annie does not have.
And although Annie has a big happy smile that I love... she ain't got nothin' on Audrie's wide trap. :)

(Annie's hair is starting to get longer on top and lighter brown, too. I'm sure it will turn blond by next summer.)
I don't think I've managed to capture in photos how much Annie DOES look like Audrie's baby pictures, but here are a few photos of Audrie that I thought looked so much like Annie...

I feel like I could show anyone these photos of Audrie and tell them they are pictures of Annie and they would totally believe me (probably even Jamie!).

Here is a photo of Jamie and I holding Audrie... but it really could be Annie, right??

And YES Annie does look alot like Jamie. Ok, I get it. HOWEVER Annie looks a little more like me than Audrie does. So I told Jamie we'll just have to keep having babies until I get one that looks like me!