Tuesday, November 23, 2010

and audrie

 Miss Audrie is still queen of the castle and loving life. I have to say that since she is almost three (aka almost 13) her behavior and my desire to still want to share a home with her have greatly improved! She is comedy central, cartoon network and the soap opera channel all rolled into one blond mess.
 I took her to Wilson Park in Fayetteville yesterday (since I have the whole week off from work and can spend some real time with my girls!).
She had a great time running all over that park. Swinging and sliding and chasing all the leaves.
 Her favorite part was the bridge. She spent a good 15 minutes running up and down that thing!
I had Annie in my sling so I was able to enjoy the afternoon, too. I love all the beautiful trees in that park!

 Audrie is growing up too fast. But I love that I can have "real" conversations with her now like "what are you thinking about" or "what do you want to do tomorrow". And she has such genuine responses that melt my heart.
 But she's still our little girl.
 With a huge mouth.
Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!