Wednesday, November 10, 2010

girly update

 Just wanted to do a little update on the girls. I have some pictures that are out of date, but I wanted to share them anyways. (These first two Kim took for us at various outings.)
 Audrie is... we'll say "boisterous". Everything she does is kicked up a notch. Which means she is can be SUPER cute, and SUPER fun, and SUPER hilarious, but can also be SUPER bratty. But of course we love her more than words can express! I will say that her moods are leveling out though- meaning that the majority of the time she is just truly awesome, and the tantrums are ceasing a bit. Which makes life in our house much more pleasant for everyone!
 My new favorite thing that she does is... we are trying really hard to work with her to choose "nice words" instead of demanding things or being bossy or rude, etc. So I guess she got part of the message we were teaching because often now when she wants something she will say "Mommy, please nice words, can I have some candy?" or "Please, daddy, nice words, gimme some juice?". Gotta give her an A for effort, right??
 Audrie loves dressing up, wearing hair bows and changing her shoes several times a day.
 And she adores music. I try to take her to my classroom whenever I get a chance and she goes nuts playing all the instruments and singing into a microphone system I have in my classroom. I hope her love for music lasts forever!
Audrie really loves going to her little pre-school two days a week and has begun telling us more about her day and the names of friends she plays with, etc. Her teachers always comment on how much Audrie sings all day long and how lately she has been "teaching" her classmates some new songs. I don't know if you can see the text of this letter sent home from school today but it says Audrie is "a good teacher"! 
 Annie is sweet. as. pie! My goodness, she is just dripping with pure sweetness. Her smile lights up the whole world when we walk in the room. She is always so happy and very mellow. Annie is still doing great with the eating process...
 She will be 6 months old next week!
 Her eyelashes are a mile long. The jury is still undecided on her eye color. They are a greyish-dark blueish-greenish-brown!
 And I am really not exaggerating when I say she is as chill as they come. And the past couple weeks she's been sleeping a full 12-13 hours at night without interruption and goes to sleep without a fuss at all. Uh-mazing!
 Sometimes Annie looks so tiny to me...
 A little small for her highchair! :)
 And other times she looks like she's growing up too fast!
 This past week Annie has been sitting up on her own more confidently. And now already wants to stand! She definitely takes after Audrie with her desire to be mobile way too early.
 Annie is such a joy. I miss both my girls so much when I'm at work!
 Before I had kids I kind of used to be a neat freak and enjoyed keeping my house clean. The other night after Annie went to sleep I was working on some pictures at my computer (Jamie was at tennis) and Audrie was playing so awesomely by herself in the living room. I stood up to check on her and this is what I saw...
I saw a sign the other day that said something about "pardon my messy house... my children are making memories". Let's just go with that excuse!