Monday, November 22, 2010

me and the boy

I know everyone can compare war stories about how busy they are, but lately it's been crazy busy around our house. I won't list all the excuses for not blogging but I'll just try to do a little better now that things have eased up a bit.

In the midst of all the heticness this past week, Jamie and I did get to go out. Twice. That's a big deal for us. Usually when we get out of the house together alone it's to go grocery shopping. Nothing says romance like choosing what cereal to buy.

However, last Thursday night we went to see a musical at the Walton Art Center. We saw Spring Awakening (scandalous but awesome!). Our friend Emily had purchased tickets months ago in order to get the best seats and so we sat in the center of the second row! And if you know anything about the musicial, you know that sitting so close is very... awakening. :)

But here is a pic I snapped before Jamie and I left for the evening out.

 And then last Saturday night Jamie and I were invited to Erin's birthday "Stache Bash". The evite said everyone had to wear mustaches, so we did the best we could...
Did you know that you can buy fake mustaches in the gumball machines in front of grocery stores?? For real.

Anyways, Jamie and I had a blast. He's still my favorite boy (even if he does look a little like Hulk Hogan here). I'm glad I have him to take me on dates!