Sunday, November 28, 2010

our thanksgiving

 This is the first year we decided not to split our time between both our families. It was tough to not be with Jamie's family for Thanksgiving but a relief to not have to spend half of our time driving. We were able to spend the day with my family at my mom's house. It was so great to see everyone!
 My niece Kara playing with sweet Annie Banannie.
 My nephew Matthew (he is two months younger than Audrie so they spent most of time chasing each other).
 Audrie really didn't stop running and playing the entire time, so I didn't get a photo of her except this one as she took a quick rest before darting off again.
 My brother Caleb and his sidekick, Lexi.
 My brother Seth texting all his important peeps.
 My brother Eric and his wife Trista.
 Me and my main squeeze.
 My mom carving up one of the four turkeys we had!
 I baked a tasty cheesecake for the occasion and it was DEElicious, if I say so myself.
 One of the turkeys we didn't eat...
 My niece Sydney trying to wrangle the wiggly baby girl.
 My brother Warren doing something to a turkey that required surgical gloves...?!
 My mom and dad...
 My sister Coleen and her two 'little' boys, Samuel and Levi.
 My nephew Stone.
 My nephew Wesley.
 My niece Emma.
 And her momma, Kim. :)
 A random pilgrim woman...
Well there were still a billion people I didn't take photos of and no photos of the amazing meal that we all sat down to. I think my dad said there were 35 people there, but it seemed like waaaaay more than that to me. Maybe all the kiddos running around made it seem like double the amount. Anyways, it was a really wonderful cozy day spent with our family that we are so thankful for!