Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas morning

 We were really excited to wake up Christmas morning and celebrate with our girls! Annie woke up first so she helped me make coffee and bake some cranberry-orange muffins. It was sweet to spend that quiet time with Annie because it was fun to think about this morning last year when Jamie and I found out we were having a girl!

 The excitement got going when Audrie woke up. As soon as I walked in her room she sat up fast and asked me if Santa was here. It was so cute! I told her that Santa left her presents and she needed to go wake up daddy so we could open them. She wasted no time doing just that!
 Audrie was so cute with every present she opened- she would hug it and say "it's my favorite!".
 Here is me and Annie in all our morning beauty.
 Annie got a lot of fun presents from Santa that she enjoyed chewing on.
 We didn't get Audrie one 'big' present this year because our plan was to get her several inexpensive presents so she could have fun opening lots of presents this year. She loved it all!
 Audrie and Annie were both good at helping Jamie open his presents too. :)
 Jamie got Audrie some adorable pink sparkly Tom's shoes.
 That she loved and immediately put on.
They are super cute!
 Jamie also got me an amazing locket with sweet photos of both the girls on the inside. I love it so much!!
 Jamie's mom got the girls a table and chair set. We put it out so they could find it Christmas morning. It's the perfect size for them!
 We got Audrie several new board games because she loves playing them and they keep her busy for a long time. :) Here we are playing her very first game of Chutes and Ladders. Oh the memories I have of playing this game nonstop as a kid!
 When Jamie's mom mentioned getting the girls the table and chairs I thought it would be really nice to have, but I had NO idea how MUCH Audrie would adore it. She honestly has spent hours every day at this table since Christmas. Tea parties, art projects, eating snacks, playing on the laptop, reading books there, etc. The table is a huge hit!
 Here she is Christmas morning having a tea party with her new baby doll and a reindeer. Two things she asked Santa for! What better way to spend Christmas morning than having a tea party with a reindeer??
It was a precious morning with our girls!