Wednesday, January 26, 2011

snow day

Last week we got a little snow (enough for a couple days off school- whoo hoo!). Audrie did go outside in it for about 7 minutes. That was all she could handle. Donna helped me get Audrie dressed. (I think we spent more time getting bundled up then the actual amount of time we spent outside!)

We had big plans to build a snowman but all Audrie wanted to do was eat the snow. It was turning her cheeks bright red!

 "Um, mom, can we go inside now??".
 So we came back in and made snow ice cream.
 I'm not exactly sure what Audrie is doing in this picture...!

No pics of Annie in snow. It was a little too cold for her!

But she did like looking at the snow from the window.

And licking the window pane...!!

Guess I don't have to worry about washing the windows.

I had a good time spending some quality time with my girls while I was home on my snow days. I hope we get at least one or two more before winter is over!