Sunday, May 15, 2011

the birthday girl

I can't believe Annie is turning ONE this week! I also can't remember what our life was like without her. She is the perfect addition to our little family and we all are so in love with this sweet sweet girl.

She has her one year check up with the pediatrician this week so I'll have some height and weight updates for you then. 

She has been babbling "mama and dada" (plus a lot of made up words) for awhile now. But this past week she started saying "bye bye" whenever someone leaves and it's SO cute to hear her tiny little voice coming out.

We've been working with her on being able to identify her body parts and the only one she has down for sure is "hair"- she reaches for her little curls every time you ask her where her hair is. But it is so fun teaching her new things!

She's almost weaned herself off the bottle and prefers a sippie cup (but still usually takes one morning and one night bottle of milk). She pretty much eats whatever we are eating for meals. Somehow with the second child we sort of skipped baby foods...? She ate pureed veggies for a few weeks, but then decided she liked our food better so we gave in. She's happy and healthy so I guess it must be working for her. Plus, she chooses to supplement her diet with handfuls of toilet paper, houseplants, dirt, dead flies, and the cover of hard back books. So she's getting all the main nutrients...!

Annie loves to be rocked. Gives awesome hugs and kisses. Comes running full speed for us when we get home from work. She tries so hard to keep up with her big sister and adores Audrie so much.

We love you, Annie Bannanie, and can't wait to celebrate your very first birthday!!