Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We've had lots of questions from people regarding our big move to New York City, so I thought I'd post a few answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.
Where are you going to live?  I mostly just tell people we are going to live in Manhattan because usually people are familiar with that area. It is true that we are going to live in Manhattan, but more specifically we are probably going to live in Washington Heights. This is the neighborhood that our friends, Jason and Samanthe, live in. Jamie is flying up in a few weeks to meet with a realtor to find us a place to live "In the Heights" (a musical based on this neighborhood).

Will you rent an apartment? Yes, we are going to live in an apartment. It will be cozy, but we are hoping for a three bedroom (so we'll have a guest room ready for all our visitors!). We have three priorities for our realtor: 1- that we have to live in a safe area for our family, 2- that I don't have a long commute to work and, 3- a three bedroom that is affordable for our budget. We may not be able to find a 3 bedroom in our budget, but if we had to do a 2 bedroom we could make it work! (Right now our big prayer is that our home here in Arkansas either sells or we find a renter. So help us pray for that!) If it doesn't sell or rent we can still manage with our budget, it will just be really tight!
What is Jamie going to do? Jamie is going to be starting an adventure of his own, too. He is going to stay home with the girls! Yep. Jamie is an amazing dad and the girls are going to be so lucky to have him loving on them all day. Now Jamie may lose his sanity pretty quick. In that case he will find a job that will cover the cost of a nanny. With his background in finances and the stockmarket I'm sure he could easily find something to do in NYC. But in the meantime he is going to see what being a stay-at-home dad does to him. He may LOVE it. Washington Heights is known for having tons of parks and playgrounds. And NYC does have a few fun things to offer... ha! I'm sure he and the girls will stay busy!

We do have lots of fears ourselves, but are just placing our trust in God and trying not to worry.

A few of my concerns:
  • I am scared that this job at TEP may be more than I can handle. I am not afraid of hard work or being challenged out of my comfort zone. But I am afraid of failure. I don't want to move my family across the country only to discover that I completely stink at this job.
  • I am worried about us being miserable in NYC. That we'll be so homesick or lonely that we can't handle it. Or that Audrie will be asking for her Grandma or her friends and be confused about why we took her away from them.
  • I am afraid that a few months into all this we may realize this was all a real bad idea.
Ok, those are a few of my biggest concerns, but even with those doubts on my mind I am still SUPER CRAZY excited about this big risky adventure that we are embarking on. And we always know that we can come back. That our friends and family will welcome us with open arms. Or we may fall in love with New York City. We don't know what the future really holds for us. And that is both exciting and terrifying.