Monday, May 02, 2011

gymnastics update

 Audrie is still doing great in gymnastics! I love watching her progress each week- it's amazing how much she has learned. We are going to keep her in this class for a few more weeks and then hopefully get her enrolled again quickly when we move. I'd like to stick with gymnastics for awhile for her becuase it is so right up her alley, but as I skim through all the amazing options in NYC I am very tempted to sign her up for some dance classes!
 Sorry all these photos are so blurry but they were taken on my phone and through the glass window.
 In her class here they use a student to model each time they learn a new routine. Audrie is by far the youngest in her class, so I was very proud on this day when they chose her to be the model for the rest of the class.

 If you know Audrie at all, you know that she likes to be the boss and center of attention so it's always very refreshing to see her being truly paitent and sweetly obeying her instructors so well.
Sweet girl!