Thursday, May 19, 2011

ten years

Today is our TEN year anniversary! I can't believe Jamie has put up with me for this long. I sure am lucky that he came along and swept me up with his good looks and charm. As much as I fell in love with that dorky boy in high school I sure never imagined how amazing of a man God was blessing me with.
This morning during my first period class I got a surprise delivery of a huge bouquet of roses from him. And the thing that made me cry in front of my students was that they are lavender roses (the color we had in our wedding). SO sweet of Jamie!

We have a tradition of doing something adventurous on our anniversaries (last year we were in the hospital the day after Annie's 'adventurous' birth), so I'll fill you in on this year's anniversary adventure soon.

In the meantime, I thought I'd write a list of my top TEN reasons why Jamie is the love of my life:
1) Jamie is really ticklish.

2) He sings terribly ALL the time (and an octave higher than is ever necessary).

3) Every single morning he acts as if getting up is THE worst thing that has ever happened to him. It's the same level of dramatic tragedy every morning. This impresses me.

4) He always forgives me easily. Especially when I'm constantly wrecking our cars. I swear it's never my fault. Cars (and mailboxes) just like to wreck into me. (Though he did tell me that when we get back from NY and get cars again I have to take a driver's ed class...!)

5) I love Jamie's awesome financial skills and how he handles our family budget. Ya'll should see the amazing charts and graphs he presents to me each month. I'm not kidding. Pie charts and bar graphs showing how much I spent on scapbooking this month. His enthusiasm for budgeting is super cute!

6) He is an amazing daddy to Audrie and Annie!

7) I love how he can convince me to watch the stupidest You Tube videos in the world. I try to act like I don't like them but it's hard to do when he is laughing his head off.

8) I love how tall Jamie is. And so good looking! :)

9) I love that he loves God and how I know we'll be in Heaven together someday. (which is apparently this Saturday, right??)

10) I love how much Jamie loves me. I look forward to growing old with this amazing man o' mine!