Tuesday, June 28, 2011

beach pics- part one

 I have the first part of our beach photos ready so I thought I'd post them now.

We spent 7 days on Navarre Beach (about 30 minutes from Destin). It was SO wonderful.

We wasted no time getting our toes in the sand once we arrived. We were ready to hit the beach! (Especially after Annie screamed almost the entire flight down there... whoo hoo!).

Check out this hot beach dad...!

And these beach babes...

Annie wasn't too sure about the beach, but she actually did really good with it all.

Audrie and Grandma Cornett watching the waves...

Audrie loved playing in the sand!

We went with Jamie's family on this trip and it was so nice to spend time with them!

Annie did eat quite a bit of sand, but so far no side effects... she hasn't pooped a sand castle or anything.

It was nice having so many people to help watch the girls! I got to actually relax and soak up the sun.

Jamie's cousin, Ryan. (I told him to strike a 'beach pose' and this is what he did).

Jamie and I striking our beach look, too...

The water felt amazing, but the waves were pretty strong- would knock you down if you weren't careful.
Our condo was really nice!
At least, little Miss Annie thought it was a great place to chill....

The view from our balcony...

Our master bedroom.

The view from our bed. So amazing! I got to wake up to this every morning (and the girls SLEPT til 8:30 every day we were there, so I got some serious sleep. So nice!).
This vacation was so relaxing. We got to spend some good family bonding time just hanging out.

In the past couple of weeks Annie has decided she wants to wrestle all the time with Audrie. It's super cute to see her try to take her down. David and Goliath! :)
And of course Audrie loves it!

Love them!