Friday, June 17, 2011

more spray painting

I spray painted some more furniture. It's addicting. This time I attacked a computer desk I had purchased several years ago for my classroom. I paid $25 bucks for it and it was a burnt orange color.

But I decided we needed it for NYC so I bought some apple green spray paint and here's the result...

I put the original handles back on because I thought they were quaint.

Here are the easy steps in case you want to join the addiction:
1) sand old desk lightly with sandpaper and wash off with damp rag. Let dry.

2) spray paint (took two cans for this desk). Let dry.

3) use sand paper to rough up spots to make it look vintage

4) wipe with damp cloth

5) apply polyurethane (I recommend the pints not the spray can stuff). Let dry.