Thursday, June 16, 2011

my brain hurts

Every day Jamie and I make a TO DO list to help us get ready for the big move (July 7th). It's a bit overwhelming but I just try to remind myself it's all part of the journey.

The hardest part is the decision process I have to go through nine million times a day. Every time I pick something up I have to stare at it and decide:
1) storage unit
2) goodwill
3) craigslist
4) trash
5) nyc
Its exhausting to have to decide that all day long (while I'm also trying to enjoy my 'summer break' with Audrie and Annie).

But my mom came yesterday and helped me out (and also did the hugest pile of dishes I've ever seen in my life- thanks, mom!). And my friend Kate kept the girls for a few hours this morning which was a really big help!

It is kind of fun to purge our stuff and feels good to be simplifying things in our life.

I need to make myself a Packing playlist on iTunes... "All we Need is Love", "Leaving on a Jet Plane", "Don't Worry, Be Happy", ...what else?!