Tuesday, June 07, 2011

our girlies

Last week I took the girls out for a quick photo shoot near our house. It's hard for me to get a photo of both of them together, but I loved how this one turned out. Captures both their personalities so well.

Audrie is quite the natural in front of the camera, so it was easy to get a few shots of her sweet smile.

Annie is a tougher client. But she sure looked cute in her giant pink skirt!

I really like this next photo, because beneath Audrie's sweet face and lovely dress- you can see her skinned up knees and Elmo panties! So perfect for her.

This next one may be my favorite though because they look like they are just two sisters who are sitting down for a chat about their day (or their crazy momma who is always taking their picture!).

And when Annie decided she was over the photo shoot, Audrie was there to comfort her. Awwww...

Sweet girls!