Sunday, June 12, 2011

our new digs

Jamie (and Samanthe!) spent the past three days walking all over Washington Heights in search for our new home in NYC. And he found it! I'm SO proud of what he got for us. I know it was hard work, lots of sweat, and some frustrating moments- but I really think it paid off. This apartment wasn't our first choice, but the more we talk about it now the more we realize what a God thing it is that we didn't get the other apartment. This one is going to be perfect for us.

He didn't get alot of photos of the inside because they are remodeling, but here is a photo of another apartment in the building that they finished that will look like ours (this is the master bedroom). It's a three bedroom so we are excited about that!

It's hard to see in this photo, but the view from the windows is pretty spectacular! (Looks like what you would see on a postcard of NYC.) Can't believe we will get to see this everyday from our home. I'm sure there will be some gorgeous sunsets.

 This is actually the back view of the apartment. It's about a 15 minute subway ride to my school, so I'm thrilled about the short commute.
 The front view is THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. You walk out the front of this apartment building and right there is a huge, beautiful park with a playground (and splash park) and tons of other fun things. But I just can't get over this playground because you know this is where we are going to spend so much time with the girls. It's like having an amazing front yard. So cool!

Jamie didn't really get photos of the rest of the park, but he said it's actually pretty large and has basketball courts, lots of green space for picnics and bubble blowing and digging in the dirt.

I really am so excited to get up there and make this apartment ours.

A friend told me a great quote yesterday... "I am leaving my house, but I'm taking my home with me." So true.
Now we just have to figure out how to fit ALL our stuff in there. :)

PS- huge thanks to Samanthe for taking these photos and for all your help in finding this apartment! We can't wait to be your neighbors. (Their apartment is just a 5 minute walk from ours!)