Thursday, June 09, 2011

pics and thoughts

Just a few random photos from my phone the past couple days. ..

We got Annie a new booster seat for the kitchen and she loves it. She walks over to it and tries to climb in when she wants a snack.

Audrie prancing around the house in my heels. (By the way, this is her new favorite dress so I'm sure you'll be seeing tons of it. I tried to explain to her that is was for special parties only- but to Audrie everyday is a party so you can imagine her rationale.)

A blurry photo of Annie, but I love her sweet expression.
 Annie is starting to show interest in coloring, so I've been letting her experiment with Audrie's art stash. We might have another budding artist on our hands. (Annie is also about 50/50 with using her left and right hand to play and eat- it seems like by 12 months Audrie was using right hand, but maybe I've just forgotten.) I guess it doesn't matter if Annie is left handed... apparently there are perfectly normal people in the world who are left handed... :)

Audrie is a serious daddy's girl. Every night when she goes to bed she tells him "Goodnight, Prince". It's too much cuteness to handle!

I had a little meltdown the other night, crying to Jamie about how worried I am that my new job in NYC will take too much of my precious time away from the girls. That will be a deal breaker for me. I just pray that the balance of my devotion to teaching and my time each day with my daughters will be healthy for our family (and my sanity).

I've always known that I am not meant to be a stay at home mom (and I have many amazing friends who stay home with their kiddos and totally rock at it!). Those type of super moms blow my mind and I am always impressed by their patience.

I really love teaching music and am excited that this new path in life might be a chance for my daughters to see their momma trying to make a difference. I am not pretending to be a superhero and we certainly may come running back to Arkansas very soon. But if we do stay in NYC for awhile I hope Audrie and Annie will have a chance to see the world in a new way, to see Jamie and I stepping out of our comfort zone and putting all our trust in God, and to bring our little family of four closer together.

Or if all else fails we can put a tip jar in front of Audrie at the subway station and let her sing for cash. :)