Saturday, July 02, 2011

Beach Pics (part two)

Here is another batch of photos from our beach trip.

Jamie's Aunt Barb and her two boys Michael and Ryan.

Jamie's Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jim

And with their son Cory (who Audrie adores!).

Annie making her tired "sucky face".

Me and the boy (Thanks Barb for snapping the pic!)

Audrie and her BIG smile

Barb and her handsome boys

Audrie and a big stick
Sisters- Debbie, Donna, and Barbara.

Cory, Debbie, and Jim

The Four of Us (thanks again Barb for taking photos for us)

Audrie and Annie cuddling on the couch

This may be my new favorite picture of Audrie!

Random photo of dinner time in the condo.

We rented a high chair from one of those baby supply companies near Destin and it was awesome. $30 for a week (they deliver and pick up) and we used it all the time!

More random dinner times.

I love this profile photo of Annie waiting for the elevator down to the pool. Look at her ruffled booty and pot belly. Love it!

She looked quite the tourist in her get up.

She rocked that pink bikini though!

And Audrie was super cute in her turquoise suit, too. 

We spent tons of time in the pool. Audrie LOVED it. (Thank you, Jamie, for the photo!)