Tuesday, July 05, 2011

goodbye house

Oh my goodness, it's really happening!

Jamie loaded our entire lives into a 20 foot Uhaul today!

I told Jamie that I don't regret our decision to move, but that it's been a lot harder than I anticipated. Emotionally it's been tough saying so many goodbyes, but also physically packing up an entire house has been exhausting.

But we did it!! I was so impressed with Jamie's truck packing skills. He took two days filling that Uhaul and it was a science. Can't believe he fit everything in there!

Well, except the 100 square foot storage unit we stuffed full of "important junk"...

It was so strange to be in our empty home!

We've lived there for 5 years and brought two sweet baby girls home to this house.

I was doing ok until we were about to walk out and Jamie pulled me in for a hug and told me he's had fun living with me in this house. That opened my flood of tears.

We'll miss you, 691 Weston Circle!