Friday, August 19, 2011

fun outings

 Earlier this week we took the girls to meet Lady Liberty.
 We had been talking about it with Audrie and reading books about the Statue of Liberty to her, so she was pumped when she finally saw it!
 Annie thought it was pretty cool, too. :) We just did the Staten Island Ferry since it sails right past the statue and we didn't have the energy to take the girls up into the monument. Plus, the girls thought the most fun part was riding on the big boat!
 Jamie's mom, Donna, is up visiting us and we are so excited to have her here! (So are the girls!)
 We have missed her so much.
 Yesterday we took the whole clan down to Central Park to do a few fun things there. We saw some amazing scenery when we first walked in!

It was just screaming for a family photo shoot. :)
 But we were headed to the Central Park Zoo and we made it just in time to catch a sea lion show that was starting. (Audrie's pigtails...)

 And her goofy grin saying "cheese"!
 I didn't take many photos at the zoo, but it was the perfect size for our girls. Not a huge zoo, but just enough animals to make it interesting and not too exhausting. Although I honestly got attacked by a bird in the tropical bird sanctuary. I kid you not. It dive bombed me and I squealed in terror! The horrid bird pecked at my arm as I ran away. WHY ME?? (Oh and Jamie laughed at me instead of coming to my rescue.)
 But everything was better when we got to the Central Park Carousel. Yay! I love carousels and Audrie shares that joy, too. She was so excited to ride it!
 Annie was not. (It was too close to lunch/naptime for her to even pretend to like anything at that point.) But I loved it! The music on the carousel was awesome. They kept playing random songs that cracked me up (Wings of a Snow White Dove, Just the Two of Us, Walk the Line, I Fall to Pieces, Macarena, etc... the randomness of the music-box style songs made me laugh!)
 It was a beautiful carousel and so much history! (It was built in 1871 and has been through four renovations.) They said it's a "NYC kid's rite of passage". We were glad to take part in this experience. And Audrie waved at all her 'fans' as we rode by!
We've had a fun couple days getting the girls out in the city this week!